Festival of ancient music of the Pyrenees

Baroque music festival in different towns of the Catalan lab report writing service Pyrenees.

Archaeological site of Valencia d’Àneu lasuna online bible

It is a magnificent archaeological proposal essay topics ideas site that includes the ruins of the county castle and the ancient medieval town of Valencia. Romanesque church of Sant Andreu: Originally Romanesque building. The Romanesque baptismal font is still preserved inside the church. Capilla de San Cosme: Ancient village church, today converted into a visitor center for visitors to the archaeological site.

Ecomuseum of the Valls d’Àneu

The “Ecomuseum de les Valls d’Àneu” is born from a new museum and museographic conception in which the visitor enters, in an active and participatory way, in the life forms of Pallars at the beginning of the century . The Ecomuseum allows you to get to know the natural and cultural reality of the territory of A?neu and the chat with a hot girl transformations that have taken place in the last decades


Museum of Butterflies

In the Museum of Butterflies of Catalonia, in Pujalt, Sort, you can admire all the species that fly in Catalonia with all its varieties. But you can also get to know his world, his relationships with the environment and all kinds of details about his life and customs.

Ecomuseum of the shepherds

The new museum center located in Llessui offers an interesting exhibition of objects, images, information panels and audiovisual elements related to this old trade. The museum is decorated with songs of ears, barks of dogs, whistles of shepherds, or noises of veins, and has a permanent exhibition with pieces compiled and interpreted following the annual pastoral cycle.

Tavascan Water Interpretation Center

Within the scope of the Natural Park of l’Alt Pirineu, the Interpretation Center promotes the dissemination of the important role of water as a key and vertebral element in the territory, in the different aspects, tourism (excursions to the numerous lakes and rivers), environmental (study of the biodiversity of flora and fauna of the river environment), industrial (generation of electricity), etc.

Museo de la Madera

In the Pyrenean village of L’Aura we find, in a stone building with two floors and small dimensions, the sawmill at one corner, a flour mill in the other and, in the middle, the wheel of shovels that produces hydraulic energy necessary to make the sawmill work. The mill moves through a horizontal wheel.

The Pyrenees offer a wide range of cultural activities in all mountain villages. These may be for free or guided such as the visit to the Casa de l’Es Museum in Sant Joan d’Isil: Here, and for June 23, the Fallas de Sant Joan: descent of the fallaires and, when arriving at the town, they go through the church and through the streets to reach the place where the dances take place. Visit an old Casa de Pagés in Esterri d’Àneu: Ecomuseu de les Valls d’Àneu. Casa Gassia and the SAMPLING OF ARTESANS CATALUNYA FORMATS at SORT: or the competition of Gossos d’Atura in Llavorsí. Views to the lakes of Sant Maurici and Parc d’Aigüestortes leaving from Espot.Y much more according to season of the year. * Consult monthly agenda and calendar of activities of the county owner or in tourist house in Esterri d’A?neu.

*** For nature and environment courses; bird watching, racket hiking, hiking and visit to high mountain shelters, study of nature and knowledge of the stars, listening to the zealous claims of the largest cervids of the Pirineo (The bram of the deer). Consult owner by Obaga Activities: in Cobert d’en Piarró.

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